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We love to hear from our patients and appreciate them taking the time to provide us with feedback about their experience. We value this information and strive to provide our patients with a compassionate and caring experience at every visit.

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What our patients have said:

“Peak Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation in downtown Phoenix was a hard but great experience for me. It was difficult because as a professional athlete, it’s never fun being injured and away from the game you love. This was my first serious injury and although it was removing me from my season completely the staff was always welcoming. They always greet with smiles and really made my experience a great one. Now the rehab for me was a grueling three-month process and Shaun and Stephen did a great job of demonstrating each exercise as well as keeping a watchful eye on me. They always asked how my fatigue or pain level was so they could adjust accordingly because no matter the schedule each individual is different. I got a chance to enjoy the process by having conversations with the staff and constantly found ways to laugh through what was an extremely challenging time in my life. I would recommend everyone to the clinic and know that they will not only get a great treatment plan and workout but enjoy the healing process.”
– Alexandria H. 


“I have been attending therapy Peak Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation in downtown Phoenix since July 2017.  Everyone there is very professional, nice and caring.  In the past, I have had therapy for other injuries at two other providers that are top of the line. However, the volume of patients they see overwhelms the other providers.  On the other hand, the members at Peak pay very personal attention to their patients.  Shaun is outstanding, a very knowledgeable, professional and kind therapist.  Stephen is a great assistant that is also very knowledgeable and friendly that makes all patients feel right at home.  Rebekah, is special, she is a real sweetheart who works very hard at making my busy schedule fit their busy schedule.  Even the substitute therapist (another Steve) was great! My continued positive experience at Peak Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation has been an exceptional one!  I will spread the word to all my constituents and friends.  A very happy customer,”
– Bobby R.


“I would absolutely recommend Shaun as a physical therapist. He is very knowledgeable, cares about his patients and goes above and beyond in his care for his patients.”
– Monique A.


“When faced with rehabilitation following my hip replacement, I knew good care was vital to a successful recovery and future ease of movement. How fortunate I was to go to Peak Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation and have the best team ever to direct, help and encourage me. From Rebekah at the front desk to Shaun and Stephen for my rehab, I was incredibly well cared for. Shaun challenged me while Stephen encouraged me. Meanwhile, all three maintained a great sense of humor along with both professionalism and kindness. It was a pleasure going to their facility. I loved the team, the atmosphere and the architecture of the old building in central Phoenix. I highly recommend this group for all your rehab needs.”
– Sue Ellen A.